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Do you like the idea of having a stand-alone mp3 player for your car or home stereo? Do you want to spend $1000 for professionally built hardware that is no better in sound quality than something you can build yourself for a fraction of the cost? Many people already have extra computer parts lying around. Rather than just letting these collect dust, put them to use and save money at the same time. An MP3 player that uses common parts can be built for very little money, and with my detailed plans it�s easy to do.

HISTORY At the end of 1996 I made an MP3 player for my car. At that time it cost $1000 in computer parts to build and install. In 1997 I started a web site to provide general information on how to build a car MP3 player. This project was so popular that I wrote detailed plans, custom software, and took step-by-step pictures. I then offered this package for sale on my web site. I continue to support these plans via email for all who purchase them.

USES The plans detail how to build the MP3 player for use in a car. However, a number of people have told me they used these same plans to build an MP3 player for their home. Because the IR remote receiver is on a serial cable, they were able to hide the unit itself in a cabinet and simply have the small black receiver exposed. These plans provide all the information you need to have this type of setup as well.

PARTS First of all, this MP3 player uses no dedicated circuits or chips, nothing very advanced, just old computer parts. It is very easy to find these old computer parts for extremely good prices almost anywhere, new or used. All you need for processing power is a Pentium 90mhz or faster CPU. For ram you only need 16 megabytes, not much at all with current prices. Basically you will be building a small computer for your car. After much research I decided the best way to control the player is by the use of a keypad. Because this keypad plugs in exactly like a keyboard you will no longer need a keyboard. More information about the keypad and its software can be found in other sections of this site. Because pictures are worth a thousand words, I have pictures of the keypad in my car below.

SOFTWARE AND FORMATS SUPPORTED Win95 and Winamp are the software used to run and control the player. This player supports MP3 and other formats including VOC, WAV, IT, XM, S3M, STM, MOD, DSM, MED, FAR, ULT, MTM, 669, MID, MP2, MP3, MPG, CDA, PLS and ASX (some beta plug-ins have also been made to support VQF files and Real Audio files). The new VBR MP3 files are also supported! When there are new formats you simply upgrade the Winamp software.

WHAT�S IN THE PLANS? The plans are extremely detailed with over 20 pictures and custom software. There is also parts lists, explanations, downloads, links, sources, detailed explanation on use of mp3 player as well as updating the mp3's in it. Included in the plans is an overview of the basic ways to get the output of your car mp3 player to go into your car stereo system (depending on car, stereo, and other variables). I also have a section on how to supply power to the mp3 player while it is in the car, what to buy, where to buy it, for how much ($35) and what models will work. The photos go from showing all the parts laid out in front of the camera, to a completely built unit, step by step. Because computer parts and cars vary so much, there could be minor differences, but you will not have much problem at all fixing up whatever is not there. There are however a few things you need to know how to do before ordering plans. You should know how to install win95/98 and install drivers for your parts or know someone who can, and you should also have some knowledge of car audio (how to connect audio wires, and be able to find an input in your car audio system). I try to go over both these in the plans, but I cannot do justice in a text file, you just need to know how. If there is a concern about hooking something to your car battery, I have added a new section to the plans on hooking it up without getting anywhere near the battery. I have not had anyone order and complain they cannot get it set up, and I would like to keep it that way. The price I am currently charging for this package of software + information + pictures to be send via. E-mail is $20.


If you have specific questions about ordering the package of plans, software, and pictures or if you are unsure about whether to get the plans or the pre-made unit you can email me at

If you have already purchased the plans package and have questions about any part of the plans you can also email me at, for a faster reply, use the e-mail address given in the plans

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