padAlpine CHA-S634 
MP3 6 Disc CD Changer

The Alpine CHA-S634 6-disc CD changer is one of the few CD changers on the market that has the capability to play MP3 encoded discs as well as audio CD's, CD-R's and CD-RW's. This 6-disc changer gives you superb sound quality by incorporating Alpine's premium-grade audio processor found in Alpine's DVD players. You can store well over 75 hours of downloaded MP3 music on the 6-discs in this CD changer, enough music to make even the longest road trip enjoyable. This CD changer is text-compatible with any Ai-Net Alpine receiver and is capable of decoding CD text information and/or MP3 ID-3 tags. Extra 6 disc CD cartridges are available enabling you to sort your music into different music categories (See below for ordering).

NOTE: The CD changer connector and control cable uses Alpine's Ai-NET connector. In order to connect to an Alpine M-Bus headunit or to connect to any M-Bus CD changer interface, you must use the Alpine KCA-130B adapter

Availability: Usually ships the same business day.

Alpine CHA-S634 6 Disc CD MP3 Changer
CHAS634padRetail Price: $299.95padLOGJAM Price: $239.95pad
Alpine KAE-116C Six Disc MagazineAlpine KAE-116C Six Disc MagazinepadThe Alpine KAE-116C 6 disc cartridge / magazine is the replacement magazine that fits Alpine CHM-S601, CHM-S611, CHM-S620, CHM-S630, CHA-S624, CHA-S634 6-disc CD changers.

Alpine KAE-116C Six Disc Magazine
KAE116CpadRetail Price: $34.95padLOGJAM Price: $29.95pad
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