Z3 HVAC Bulb Replacement

Harvster (Q) writes on Z3 Rides email list: Light Out in Dash? Sun, 23 Sep 2007

You can pull out the radio and get to it. (See pictures how to pull out the radio.) This requires opening the little doors at each side of the radio and unscrewing the hex nuts on either side. The radio then just pulls out. Tape around the outside of the radio so you don't scratch the console. The radio harnesses are detached by unlatching and pulling a lever which pulls them out of the back of the radio. Reach in and twist counterclockwise the bulb holder and pull out. Replace bulb and insert and twist clockwise. When you replace the radio, make sure you engage the rubber bullet in the back of the radio into the alarm switch in console.(See pictures of radio pin "bullet" on radio.) If you don't you will not be able to arm your alarm if you have one.

Tom Caines writes:
The socket of the bulb is rectangular.

What holds the bulb in place is round.

Back view showing sockets
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