Link to Jon T's Fixit Pages
Interior of Phil B's baby
John Moran
Phil B's MOMOs
Phil Butera:
1. BMW Maintenance Inspection 1
2. State 2 Performance Engine Software download
3. Installed High Flow Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake System.
I am very pleased with the quality of work performed 
by Rudy at Daniels.
John Moran
Dinan Strut Tower Brace and Cold Air Intake,
the order of the day.
630AM, Off to See the Wizard ~~ 830am, Enter the Virginians ~~
YOU ARE HERE, Phil B's ///MOMO ~~ 930am, Ed and Melissa~ Owner Mods ~~
10am, JohnMCoupe and Rory~ No Place Like Home ~~ 1030am, Emmy Gets a Zaino Bath ~~
11am, Leather Repair ~~ 1130am, Paintless Dent Repair ~~
12pm, Lunch Time ~~ 1pm, Daniel's Drawing (Prospective New Parents) ~~
130pm, Meet The Winners ~~ 2pm, Handing out Cigars ~~
230pm, Gadi Gets Xpel Invisible Sheild ~~ 3pm, Mick Gets Footwell Lights ~~
330pm, JonT's Cold Air Install ~~ 4ish pm, Happy Trails ~~

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