Ed Bansch arrived in his turquoise baby with some posters from his dealership as prizes for those who had traveled the furthest to join us.
John Moran
Ed Bansch:
1996 Turquoise ,Black top, 
tan interior with 1.9L engine. 
Had dents removed,
 he did super job.  
Dan put in footwell lights 
which I love and think were the
bargain of the day! 
Sorry I cannot remember dent
team members names.

Ed shows off his prototype second armrest.

John MoranJohn Moran
It provides dual armrests so the passenger and driver each have their own, and folds up to allow access to the hand brake below.
Pretty nifty and soon to be covered by JonM of LeatherZ.
There were a load of JonM armrests,

JonT and my limited edition "dotted" beige leather armrests, and all colors of embroidery, stripes and letters and plain.
If you are interested in Ed Bansch's armrest modification, email Ed Bansch: EDscuba98@aol.com.

By this time more Z3ers had shown up, with their marvelous cars and great attitudes and really great Toys for Tots.
I kept seeing gorgeous mods and asking about them, learning as much as I could. Remus exhausts, B&B TriFlows, hardtops, MOMO wheels...
John Moran
Melissa's 2.3's got some groovy wheels
They are MasItaly wheels. I purchased the wheels and tires through 'By Design'.
They advertise in Beamer Magazine as well as others.

John Moran
As each Z3er would arrive, Web gave them a BMW bag of goodies including a mysterious white envelope...
630AM, Off to See the Wizard ~~ 830am, Enter the Virginians ~~
9am, Phil B's ///MOMO ~~ YOU ARE HERE, Ed and Melissa~ Owner Mods ~~
10am, JohnMCoupe and Rory~ No Place Like Home ~~ 1030am, Emmy Gets a Zaino Bath ~~
11am, Leather Repair ~~ 1130am, Paintless Dent Repair ~~
12pm, Lunch Time ~~ 1pm, Daniel's Drawing (Prospective New Parents) ~~
130pm, Meet The Winners ~~ 2pm, Handing out Cigars ~~
230pm, Gadi Gets Xpel Invisible Sheild ~~ 3pm, Mick Gets Footwell Lights ~~
330pm, JonT's Cold Air Install ~~ 4ish pm, Happy Trails ~~

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