The breakfast table changed to a lunch buffet with every kind of meat and cheese and crudities and dressings and rolls slurp slurp ::urp::: excuse me.
Gary Daniels came out for a visit and Rory- who is very quick~ asked him about possibly being a stop for Homecoming'00. Brilliant. Gary wanted to meet everyone and stopped by every car to see how we were enjoying the event. We were very grateful and excited to be there to a person. He spoke about some of the frustration he had felt trying to get service himself. He is one of us.

Rachel and Gary Daniels

Rachel, Web and Dan Neeman and the littlest Z3 on the lot, with John Moran's coupe in the backround

People started talking about "the next Fixit event". The dealership was talking about "the next Fixit event" Oh man! They would have us again? Yeee HAAA!
Web called us around for the drawing for prizes. PRIZES? Every goodie bag contained a white envelope with raffle tickets. They fed us (TWICE) they fixed our cars beautifully (at a DISCOUNT) they gave us goodie bags (with model Z3 coupes and cleaning products and catalogs and treatments) gave us a warm place to meet all day, brought in their vendors and asked their technicians to work on a Saturday, allowed us to bring in our own products and now they are giving us prizes?????
John Moran John Moran
Some of the goodies for sale
The dealership sent some of their customers into the service area. One couple had a Z3 but didn't know about the club. (Natch they now have all the MB info. ) Two college students had their ///M in for repairs, read the MB but were kind of shy. We dragged out their baby- I haven't seen smoked glass windows on a Z3 before theirs. They said it was for protection (anonymity?) at Lehigh College. I kept walking up to people asking them who they were to make sure I wasn't missing any of our group arriving. Then came Anthony and his wife- was her name Lynne also? (We have a lot of duplicate names, JohnM, JonT, 2 Bill Garners...)
Nice prizes too! Cases of oil, cleaning supplies and a baby baby red 1/8th sized Z3
I asked them how they came to be in the service area with us and he said, "I came to check out a Z3 I am thinking of buying."
Oh reeeaaaaaaallllly?
Rofl. I introduced them to the gang, (Hey everyone wanna watch a baby being born?) Web pulled out a shiny new steel grey 2.3, which I am sure tore at Melissa and John's heart strings- identical car model. We all watched to see who would get in the car with the salesman.

John Moran
630AM, Off to See the Wizard ~~ 830am, Enter the Virginians ~~
9am, Phil B's ///MOMO ~~ 930am, Ed and Melissa~ Owner Mods ~~
10am, JohnMCoupe and Rory~ No Place Like Home ~~ 1030am, Emmy Gets a Zaino Bath ~~
11am, Leather Repair ~~ 1130am, Paintless Dent Repair ~~
12pm, Lunch Time ~~ YOU ARE HERE, Daniel's Drawing (Prospective New Parents) ~~
130pm, Meet The Winners ~~ 2pm, Handing out Cigars ~~
230pm, Gadi Gets Xpel Invisible Sheild ~~ 3pm, Mick Gets Footwell Lights ~~
330pm, JonT's Cold Air Install ~~ 4ish pm, Happy Trails ~~

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