Esmerelda, the Emerald Car
Adventures of Esmerelda '01

'97 2.8 Boston Green Metallic w/Beige, Black Roof,
LeatherZ Special Limited Edition Interior,
V1, Chrome Magnetic Stone Guards, Door Guards,
Legend 5 Aluminum door sills, Roll Hoops, Wind Deflector, Floor Mats, Parcel Net,
Sheepskin Seatcovers
, Pro Clip Phone Holder, JC Whitney Trunk Liner,
Dinan Front Strut Tower Brace, Cold Air Intake,Stage II Chip,
Supersprint Dual Round Exhaust, UNGO MS8300 Harvster the "Q" Special
Porterfield Brake Pads, Bosch + 4 Spark Plugs, Z8 Chrome nozzles
and no power top

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Sister Morphing-
1MG animated gif
4 Seasons of Z3ing
January 28, 2001

The "It's a Small World
Smoke Em If You Got 'Em"
December Miracle BBQ

December 2, 2001

Emmy's Air Intake System
Ski Harlem & Shi Tzu in a Bag

November 25, 2001

Vampire State Drive
These Images Gotta
Get Me Through Winter

Nov 10, 2001

AuldbraZ Plantation
In search of the Frank Lloyd Wright
Lincoln Continental

Nov 3-5, 2001

Concert For NY
The Night we Rocked the CaZbah

October 20, 2001

300 miles of Heaven
Just Errands

October 14, 2001

Spark Plugs, Brake Fluid
and Oil Service

October 03, 2001
Z3 Sluts and Miata Mobsters
The Northern NJ Run

September 30, 2001

WTC Z3ers
Friends face disaster
8 Days in Hell

September 11, 2001
*Sep 26 update, Red Cross X5s!*

Shag Z3 Homecoming '01
57 Pages
Still workin on it!

Aug 27- September 3, 2001

Beta Becker Traffic Pro
Navigation System
Sign Up for it!
August 15, 2001

Zeattle Latte Drive
Surprising the Zeattle Z3ers
August 11, 2001

Greek Church
A Love Story In Estoril Blue

July 14-31, 200

BMW Cruise
Down the Delaware
June 24, 2001

Driving to Driving
For the Cure
June 6, 2001
the 2001 Gumball

Day Four
Oak Park, IL
A Frank Lloyd Wright FeaZt
May 24, 2001
Posted March 3, 2002

Day Six and Seven
Brent's MidwestZ3 Drive
Illinois to Missouri
May 26-27, 2001
Posted May 28, 2007

1/4 Lap of America
Day One
May 21, 2001

Day Two
First FLW Contact
Ohio to Wisconsin

May 22, 2001

Day Three
Wisconsin to Illinois

May 23, 2001

Frank Lloyd Wright Z3ers
Visit to Fallingwater
April 13, 2001

Z3 Fixit Day at Daniels
updated July 19

March 31, 2001

Emmy Go Foggy
Brake Pads, Spark Plugs,
Chrome Z8 Nozzles and BBQ

March 17, 2001

The Book of UNGO
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know
About DIY Alarm Install

March 9, 2001

Application to ARZOA
Washing Emmy in the Snow
February 10, 2001

Little Boston Green
Riding Hood
January 27, 2001
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