Not To Compete With Emmy, But I Updated My Site... (archive)

Posted by dpeete on March 25, 2001 at 14:17:34:

Hello Folks,
While I could never compete with Emmy (Rachel), I did update my site with some new pics and info people might be interested in. I also broke the pages out into smaller chunks so that you don't have to sit through so many images loading.

Here is the main car page: The Car

Here are some direct links of interest:

Euro-rotor comparison - Don't ask me how, but I ruined one of my rotors. So when I replaced it I took some pics.

ASC Modification - No more ASC in the M Roadster! It is a performance impediment. Updated this page to show lastest setup.

BMW Camber Adjustment Bolts - Now that the camber bolts are out of my car I grabbed some pics so people can see how they work. I now run the KMAC camber plates for front camber.

KMAC Adjustable Camber Units - Not a complete writeup, but here are some pics of the KMAC units. The car now has -2.1 degrees in the front and -3.1 in the back.

Dinan Stage 5 (Schrick Manifold, Euro-HFM, T-Body...) - Updated this page with some pics of the Euro-HFM so people can see the difference.

I am off to Laguna Seca for my event tomorrow, but I will check back in tomorrow to see if anyone has any questions or comments. I am open to requests if there is anything people would like to see more detail on.


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