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HK Volume/Speed Recall
Cars with HK stereos manufactured before 3/98 (including //M's) may not have the correct wiring to run the speed sensitive volume control (GAL). BMW will fix this for free, but only on owner complaint. The Defect code is 65 10 90 15 00. Click on the pages to expand, page 3 has a procedure which allows you to test the function:

1. Turn your ignition to the accessory position
Turn your radio on (push the volume knob)
Turn your radio off
Turn your radio on
2. Press and hold the "m" button (right hand side of the radio)
3. After a few seconds it should display a serial number
4. Press the > key (beside the "m" key) a few times until it says "GAL" followed by a number
5. Press one of the station keys (1-5) to change to a new GAL setting. It should display the new setting.
6. Turn the radio off and the new setting will be saved.

With the UK sets you need to press the TP button instead to go into service mode. Also, the Radio cassette player goes up to GAL 6 but unfortunately CD player only goes to GAL 4 (which is useless)

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