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Posted by RichC on August 04, 1999 at 08:54:51:

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Yes, definately practice! It's not at all intuitive and the "language-less" instructions are somewhat confusing. The posts below about a full trunk and a passenger are also very important.

Couple of suggestions:

1. Carry a razor knife. High performance tires tend to shred and fix-a-flat is useless. I'm not sure, but I think you can actually cut a destroyed tire off the rim. It will be easier to find a place for the rim than the tire and rim.

2. Get a hold of a "flat repair" kit. Girot's has them. You can also find them at most auto stores. They are basically pieces of rubber and some glue. Not great for high speed driving, but they might let you limp to the next BMW dealer to try to source out a hard-to-find replacement.

3. Carry the phone number for Tire Rack and your BMW Dealer listing with you. You may be in east-Podunk when it blows. Your local gas station will not have high-performance low-profile tires in stock!

Good luck!

- rich

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