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Posted by Adam G on November 17, 2000 at 14:09:41:

In Reply to: 1997 2.8 rollbars posted by Kevin Sarney on November 17, 2000 at 11:56:36:

I just did it to my '97 2.8. Be prepared to blow $1200-1500 to do it through a dealer though. I bought my RB's used from someone on the board for $400. They were off a Y2K Z3. You'll also lose your Nokia sub woofer because they wont fit without changing the center pieces to storage compartments. The compartments are nice, but expensive. Was it worth it? To me yes. I think it makes the care look much better, arguably safer and now I have a nice windscreen which extends the driving season. Good luck. Here's a list of the parts and prices from my local BMW dealer.

1.51-16-8-407-242 REAR STORAGE TRAY 459.00
2.51-16-8-407-177 Cover 15.30
3.51-16-8-407-178 COVER 15.30
4.51-16-8-407-238 STORAGE TRAY 136.00
5.51-43-8-407-165 UPPER TRIM PANEL 42.00
6.51-43-8-407-166 UPPER TRIM PANEL 42.00
7.51-43-8-407-171 COVER LEFT 7.10
8.51-43-8-407-172 COVER RIGHT 7.10
9.54-61-8-401-338 SUPPORT RIGHT 62.75
10.54-61-8-401-337 SUPPOR LEFT 62.75
11.52-10-8-161-962 BOLT M8X19 .58
12.41-61-8-217-419 .42

Hi , i want to retrofit the rollbars on to my 2.8 1997 z3 , is anyone out there know how i can save money (ie a used pair) on this install?

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