Fuel sending unit picture link (archive)

Note from Rachel: The point of all this is that you can stop the fuel gauge from dancing (bouncing from empty to full for no reason) by just not "topping off" the tank when you get gas. Nothing else is really going to work, and even a free FSU replacement will make a mess and usually end up not fixing the problem. Read on and make your own decision.

Posted by Tim Milligan on March 25, 1999 at 10:59:21:

I went in for other repairs and mentioned that I was having the fuel guage problem. They said they would look at it and advise me, but that they might be able to fix it by tightening some cable to the sending unit (I don't know what they meant). They never called, they just went ahead and replaced it, cutting the carpet and all. I was super pissed off when I looked at it for the first time, but now I'm OK. It really is someplace you would never see. Still I think I would have chosen to live with the fuel guage problem rather than have the carpet cut. At least I can't smell much fuel yet.

Anyway, here is the link back into the archive of some fuel guage replacement pictures.

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