Skin_Mechanic's DIY Project List

...Ok, here it is. This is a list of all of my projects, to date. Many of these weren't posted, since I didn't know anything about Photopoint or Zing at the time. For the ones that were posted, I've provided links to the archives that contain text and pix. In the future I shall make it a point to post pix of all my DIY Projects both successes and failures. Note: All projects before #47 were Trans Am Projects.

DIY PROJECT#47 Badger hair shampoo brush.
This was my first DIY Project associated with the Z3. Technically it was for the Trans Am(I traded in for the Z). I made this a few weeks before the Z. It is a hideous monstrosity composed of 9 paint brush heads and some polyester resin. It works wonderfully.

DIY PROJECT#48 Factory alarm installation.
This was a must have. I'm very paranoid about my cars, after having a car broken into a few years back. The only problem I have had with the alarm was when rain water got into the trunk switch and set the alarm off. I fixed this by completely wrapping the latch mechanism in duct tape(greatest invention of the industrial age).

DIY PROJECT#49 Magnetic stone guards.
This was one of my very first DIY posts(couldn't locate it in the archives). Made from craft store sheet magnets and Krylon spray paint, they have performed quite well. They haven't fallen off the car, and the paint is as supple as the magnet itself. I also washed them in the dishwasher(pot scrubber setting). I was caught by my partner, and promised not to do it again.

DIY PROJECT#50 Cold air intake.
Works quite well and gives the engine a more gutsy sound. Made from old aquarium and sewage drain parts, it is grotesque, but functional. Currently not on the car, though. I am working on an alternate means of ducting cold air for her.

DIY PROJECT#51 Faux chrome foglight trim, tow hitch panels, etc...
This was my first attempt at faux chrome, and has held up quite well. I used mylar film and attached it with epoxy( This was before I discovered chrome monocoat).

DIY PROJECT#52 Momentum Logo Eurotag.
Since the owner of the Dinan shop gave me the eurotag holder, I thought it only fitting to advertise for his business by putting his company's name on the tag. It has held up quite well(it should since it has 11 coats of polyurethane).

DIY PROJECT#53 Vinyl roll hoop deflector.
Complete failure. I wanted a flexible clear deflector that I could fold up and stow in the trunk. Wind buffeting at highway speeds ripped it apart on it's trial run.

DIY PROJECT#54 Mesh roll hoop deflector.
Another complete failure. I did an excellent job sewing up the roll hoop covers. It looked really nice, but didn't offer much in the way of wind protection. Also rear visibility sucked.

DIY PROJECT#55 Shock absorbers for Blaupunkt Business CD.
This is a ridiculously simple fixit project. It takes all of 5 minutes to install the shocks. The shocks are made from sheet foam that I got at Wal-Mart's craft dept. for $0.30. Where as before, the stereo would skip if I ran over a reflector while changing lanes, now I can go over all but the worst potholes without missing a beat.

DIY PROJECT#56 Driver door umbrella Valet.
So ridiculously simple to do, it almost didn't make it on the list. This consists of 2 nylon straps w/snaps attached under the door pull, and holds a small black umbrella tote.

DIY PROJECT#57 Emergency installation of replacement rear window.
This was Project#911. Very tedious, but installing it myself saved me over $100.00

DIY PROJECT#58 Motion sensor installation to factory alarm harness.
This was another success. Situated behind the subwoofer grill, I had to turn the sensitivity down all the way, otherwise the alarm would go off if someone got within 8" of any opening(with top and windows up).

DIY PROJECT#59 HK subwoofer stuffing.
This started out as an exploratory, to see if I actually HAD blown the speakers. Once taken apart, I stuffed the sub box with quilt batting. It has better low end response now, and distortion at high volumes is not as much of a problem.

DIY PROJECT#60 Roundel subwoofer grill.
This was purely a visual, to tie into the metal theme. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but I like the look. Very easy.

DIY PROJECT#61 Clear acrylic roll hoop deflector.
This project was one of my most practical, and money saving(Kangol caps are expensive to replace). The fit is excellent and it has performed quite well.

DIY PROJECT#62 Clear acrylic sun visor deflectors
This was a technical success, but a style failure. I made these from acrylic and velcro, leftover from the roll hoop deflector DIY. These worked really well, but I couldn't stomach how they looked on the car, so I shipped them off to Mario.

DIY PROJECT#63 Custom fit pistol grip shifter
This is the coolest DIY. Constructed of polymer clay and Krylon paint, it is the most comfortable shifter I have ever gotta grip on. I love to rave about this. It makes shifting gears even more fun.

DIY PROJECT#64 Quilted Roundel window blanket
This DIY is constructed from 100% cotton and polyfil crib blanket batting. It makes the rear window form a gentle curve at the crease line, plus it has the stylishly attractive BMW Logo;^)

DIY PROJECT#65 Faux chrome headlight bezel
This is the first DIY using chrome monocoat. I was disappointed with this one until I turned the headlights on and view the project in a different light. It was a success, though I could have done a better job installing it.

DIY PROJECT#66 Faux chrome tag molding and gas cap door.
The jury is still out on this one. The question being, will it hold up against the elements as well as the previous faux chrome projects have? I have since removed the chrome film from the gas cap door. I have other plans for the door.

DIY PROJECT#67 Metal console veneer
This has turned out so, so. It was a replacement to the (temporary)chrome veneer, I had place on it a few weeks back. The faux chrome was too bright.

DIY PROJECT#68 Z Machine Roundel badges
This is my current project and one of my all time favorites. I love the really aggressive "industrial machine" look of the badge, hence the "Z MACHINE" Logo was born. This idea will act as the basis for most all of my future (aesthetic) DIYs. I have several potential projects percolating that will feature the Z Machine theme.

This wraps up my current list of projects. I want to thank all of you guys for your words of encouragement, and for being patient with me about compiling this list. Given a choice between typing up long winded project lists, or creating things in the garage, I'd rather be tinkering. I hope that my endless quest to find and execute new ideas will rub off on some of ya'll. Even project failures, seen in the light of R&D, are just stepping stones to success. KTRSD!!