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I owe this to Rachel for her site. I included several pictures. Both light types/template 
/Viper connectors/etc. I have installed footlights in my Z3M. I live in the SF Bay Area.... Fremont to be exact. You have some choices.... Trunk Lights or Real Footlights Trunk Lights: BMW part# 63 31 1 378 089 (need 2 see below) Pro: They have external electrical prongs that you can easily make a solder connection Con: It's a hard-wired connection that cuts down flexibility in removing the lower panel.
Either you can insert a connecter (Radio Shack) somewhere in your wire or choose the real
footlight option. Real Footlights: BMW part# 63 31 8 360 588 (need 2 see below) There isn't any BMW part number for a just footlight wiring harness. On the cars that have
OEM footlights the connector is built-in to their major harness. You can either directly soldier the wires (difficult they have indented electrical prongs)
or a better approach is to obtain a connector that fits. I'm sure you read about Z3FixitDay.com
at Daniel's BMW in Penn. I mail-ordered the lights from Don Getz at Daniel's
(you can from any dealer). I was also able to hunt down and speak to the Dan Neeman (973) 596-2302
that originally installed the footlights at FixIt Day. He had moved to New Jersey.
Here's what he does and that's what I did. Search the Internet for dealers that install Viper Car Alarm systems. Some of their customers don't
want the door lock feature and the blue & green wire connectors are thrown out. This is what you want
.... quantity 2 (1 for each footlight). These connectors do need some sanding to fit, but they're
great when you need to remove the lower panels. (see below) I got/brought a pair from Donna M. Robinson at audio@westnet.com. Either they gave them to me or I
paid $5.00.... I said I was working on an amateur home project. The footlights are cut in the lower panels (above the driver and passengers feet). The panel has 3
or so half twist plugs. Cut template: Once you have your light type selected, make a template out of cardboard
(holds are smaller then the lights - look at the underside). Location is decided my available space
in the lower panels. Using your template and move it around until you find the location that
minimizes structure loss. I used a razor knife and file to smooth the edges. Take your time
and think before each step. . (see below) Hope this helps...... There are other messages on the board on which wires to tap into to obtain
the same dimming feature as the dome light; run wires up one of the pillars and connect to the 2
wires that connect to the dimming dome light. I'm sure you'll enjoy the footlights. They really should be OEM. "BOBS Z3M" 2000 w/wing Estoril Blue Bob Czerwinski
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The wire you want to tap into is brown with black stripe. This wire is also accessible under the dash behind the glove box.
Connect to the link (Dale's image page) and check out all the pics that begin with footwell.
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