VERY common problem- eZ fix! Gummi-pflege (Archived 2002-05)
Please see September 2008 update below

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: Leaking Canopy - Today it rained hard for the first time since owning my S reg Z3 - I noticed a very slight leak from above the doors, right above where the quarter light support meets the top of the window. It appears to be coming from where the seals meet. Last week I reproofed the whole canopy with a BMW approved product so the rest of the canopy is fine. Anyone else have this problem and more importantly any advice greatly appreciated

It's like a gel you put on the roof where it meets the A pillar and it stops the leak. Available at BMW dealers

Happy ending, easy cheap repair, keep a tube in the car...

Follow Ups:

September 2008 update: The Gummi product above is discontinued BMW Part. "Gummi Pflege Stift" Rubber Protection is the new recommended product BUT at least 2 Z3 owners say it does NOT work:
Khromepony1 wrote on Z3 Rides on 9/4/08 after Hurricane Gustave hit his home town in Louisiana:
Just purchased this product online. It is apparently the replacement
for the BMW item no longer available. This is a runny liquid not a
paste. It does not stop the drip from the corner of the top where it
meets the winshield post. It does make the rubber parts new looking
Just recently I applied it just before driving through GUSTAVE. The
dripping actually increased. Two towel day!
Disappointing as the old product was a paste type. This stuff reminds
me of a product that I had used before called NU-VINYL.
I have however discovered how to stop the drip. K Y JELLY works in the
corner for the drip. It is water based, cheap, clean, and safe for
rubber I'm sure!
Just re-apply when the top is going up.

On 9/4/08 2:41 PM, Dennis Hebert wrote on Z3Rides:
The new product is liquid and makes the rubber nice and smooth and shiny so the water runs in faster.

On 9/4/08 4:17 PM, Greg Paul wrote on Z3Rides:
You all need to go out and get a product called Dow Corning 4. It is the exact same product as Gummi Pflege. I'm not sure where you can buy it in your local but check online. I have been using it for about 5 years, since my original tube of Gummi P sprung a few leaks in the tube :-)

So I would go for the KY Jelly or Dow Corning 4 instead of the new Gummi product.

There is also a "permanent" fix with glue:
Fast Woman's Fix on Bimmerfest
ZTRE's Fix on Roadfly- and a bit of explanation for using RTV:
ZTRE (Luca) writes on Z3 Rides on 9/04/08:

In my case the Inner plug shrunk to the point that I couldn't glue it back
to the outer gasket. I had to fill the hole with RTV and even it out using a
wooden stick that women use to spread the wax. In the link to Roadfly I
posted pix of my fix.
RTV is basically a liquid gasket/sealant that will cure but will maintain
the elasticity of a regular gasket. As it cure it will not shrink/crack so
if you apply it nicely, it will look great.
The one I used is made for high temperature application (when I replaced my
valve cover gasket BMW recommended to use some where the half-moon portion
of the gasket is) and it's black. This made the fix look OEM.
I wouldn't recommend use Gorilla glue since it is not a product specifically
design for this. RTV is.

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