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> Hi, How are all of you this evening? May I ask this question?
> Whenever I use my keyless remote, I get three beeps and the doors
do not lock.
> Does that mean that he battery needs to be replaced and if so,
where can I purchase one
> without having to go through a dealership?
> Thanks so much for all the help. Landry

The battery is a CR2016, a common button battery available at most
drugstores or your local Radio Shack. If the new battery does not
solve your problem, your key may have to be reset to the ignition
code. I had a problem with my locks not responding to the remote
keyfob. The BMW tech reset my key, but unfortunately, he did it so
quickly that I missed the procedure. It involved inserting the key
into the ignition, turning it on, removing the key and pressing
buttons (dont know which buttons he pressed) several times. At least
that's the part I saw.
Stan Chang
01 Z3 3.0L 5 spd Titanium Silver/Black
97 528iA Alpine White/Tan

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