From: "Stan Chang"
Date: May 7, 2005 10:22:24 AM EDT

Subject: Rebooted My Z3

A few days ago, I went down to the apartment bldg garage to take my
2001 3.0L 5spd Z3 out in as it was one of those infrequent sunny,
warmish, dry days. Doors didnt respond to the remote unlock, no dome
lights --- dead battery. Yeah, I have a battery tender but its
plugged into my 528i sitting 1100 miles away at my house. I,ve been
transferred, selling house, living in temp apartment till house sells
and I move... etc etc. After Ganley BMW (Middleburg Hts, Ohio)
installed a new battery, reset my radio code, I headed down the road,
and noticed the DSC and brake lights illuminated. I called Ganley
service dept. The service mgr told me to shut off the engine and
restart, to also turn the wheel from right lock to left lock. It re-
establishes the wheel sensors (I assume related to DSC). I did this
3x and finally the error lights went out.
Geeze, everything these days needs to be rebooted periodically.
Stan Chang
01 Z3 3.0L 5spd
97 528i on the battery tender
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