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Posted by JohnK on July 12, 2001 at 17:11:40:

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Would like to know of (Factory Style) rollbars for my 96'Z

Yes you can! Don't let anyone else tell you that it can't be done!! I just completed my retrofit of installing BMW factory roll hoops on my non roll hoop prepped 96'Z3. I used the real hoops, not those cosmetic imitations that offer no protection whatsoever.

Basically, the 97's and later have a special plate mounted to the deck under the rear subwoofer/storage compartment area that allows inboard roll hoop mounts to be fastened down via screws. For 96's and early 97's you will need to have a welder permanently attach the inboard roll hoop mounts to the rear deck. How hard is it? Just insert the roll hoop into the outer mount and the inner mount and drive on over to the welder. It took my guy $100 and one hour to permanently attach the mounts to the deck. He also welded some nuts on the seatbelt post in order to secure the outer end of the hoops.

So, all in all it is quite feasible to install BMW hoops on 96's and early 97's and it only costs $100 more then it does on cars already prepared for hoops. I honestly like some of the cosmetic options such as Alumex's one piece design, but it blocks access to the rear storage box which I use religiously. If you have the subwoofer back there, then this is obviously a lot less of a problem.

Re: Roll Hoops on older Z (archive)
Posted by Shawn Fogg on August 03, 2000 at 19:52:21:

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"If this inner support can be purchased, is there anything to prevent me from fitting hoops to my early 97 2.8?"

No, others have added it doing pretty much exactly that. You need part:

54 61 8 401 337
54 61 8 401 338

which is the two inner supports that need to be car.


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