Supersprint = Bliss! It's ON!!! (archive)
Posted by Damien on July 01, 2001 at 12:05:50:

My SS got delivered Friday afternoon. If I had know it would be so damn easy to install I would have put it on then!

Saturday morning, 11:00am:
Jack my baby up. Pick up a 13mm socket and a flat head screw driver and dive in. Remove two bolts (connection to catalytic converter). Remove two big rubber mounts with much cursing and yelling. Remove midpoint support band with the help of the flat head screw driver as a wedge.

11:20 Beer/cigarette break.

11:30 Dive back in. Hang SS from the two rear supports, fit pipe to cat. Adjust midpoint support. Curse and yell trying to hang it so the tips touch the skirt on the passenger side.

11:50: Vroom! burble gurgle gurgle

Man, what an awesome sound! That was the first time I heard the SS on anything but a 1.9 and I was in heaven just turning the car over.

The really difficult part of the install was removing the old exhaust from the two rear rubber hangers. They are really thick and the bars on the the exhaust that they attach to have nubs on the end that are larger than the hole in the hanger. It took a LOT of rocking, pulling, pushing and my fingers are still sore.

The other part that was a bitch was getting the tips to sit as far to the passenger side as possible. When the SS heats up the tips push to the driver's side and even with them ALL THE WAY to the right when cold it still touches the skirt on the left when it's hot.

In the evening we went to the Irwindale Speedway to watch the races and my buddy, Cooper, with his TT followed me out there. Somewhere past Pasadena there was a totally open stretch of road so I hit it a bit. I was going about 70, dropped to fourth and gunned it. I backed off the gas at about 95 (still in fourth and trying to show self restraint, trying very hard). When we got off the freeway, at the first light, Cooper pulled up next to me and told me that he, going 70 -75 on the freeway with the top down, had heard a the sound explode from my car as I took off!

My SS has already give me my money's worth.

When you're not really on the gas you couldn't tell that there's anything not stock about the exhaust. It's nice and quiet. As soon as you touch the accelerator you know immediately this is not stock. It's a beautiful thing, really. My baby feels like a different car. Whether or not I actually got any power from this mod, it sure as hell feels like it when its time to get up and go. She just feels tougher with that punch in the gut tone.

I have a couple of pictures if anybody is interested. I'll see about recording the sound in the next couple of days.


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