Subject: 	[bmw-z3] Door handle
Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2006 13:19:49 -0000
From: Brian Walton
There are two possible problems. One is the door panel breaking
where the handle attaches. From your picture, that looks to have
happened. The second is whether the back of the handle also broke.
In my case, I had both. I tried to repair the handle, but it did not
hold up. A new one then cost me less than $40 in 2001. I didn't even
bother to ask how much a new panel cost. I went for the home repair.
Fixing the door panel requires its removal. There have been some
good writeups on this elsewhere, but I can't locate my copy right
Here is the net version. Remove the door panel working from the
bottom, being very careful with the speaker wires when you get the
panel loose. Purchase epoxy and a small sheet of aluminum at your
local Home Depot or equivalent. Cut and mold a cup-shaped piece of
the aluminum to replace the torn-out area of the back of the door
panel, remembering to drill new screw holes in the proper location
to later affix the handle. This piece needs to be large enough to
extend beyond the broken area of the panel to have room around the
edges for the epoxy. Once the aluminum piece is firmly glued into
place on the back of the panel, you can attach the handle and
reinstall the panel. From Message board: Door Pull Part Numbers: Vinyl: List is $30.50 51 41 8 398 733 (Left-Black) 51 41 8 398 734 (Right-Black) Leather: List is around $300 51 41 8 401 175 (Left) 51 41 8 401 176 (Right) Andy Maddux Posted By: bimmerbum M THIS Florida Boy Posted At: 7/25/02 8:41:39 am Call South Motors, in Miami. Speak to Paul in parts and tell him Ed with the red coupe sent you.
25% off real BMW list.I have misplaced the # but it should be easy to find on the net. Ed Contact info for Paul at South Motors BMW in Miami Posted By: phrider NewZ U can uZe Posted At: 7/28/02 3:09:13 pm Paul is great to work with. I got the Sunfire subwoofer through him at 25% off --
and he replaced it when the local dealers wouldn't cooperate on a parts exchange. Their website is, but I suggest calling directly and speaking
to Paul McLaughlin (1-800-883-7278 ).