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Posted by Carter on June 22, 1999 at 04:18:14:

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: Saw the BMW Warning Triangle in the 1999 Original BMW Accessories Catalog (328i on front of catalog).
: P/N is 82 11 1 466 578
: I don't know if this is the one the European Z3's are coming with, but it folds into a storage case.

I've got that P/N permanently saved in a textfile as a DO NOT BUY...'least not for the Z3. It and virtually every aftermarket Warning Triangle I could find in the US are at least 4" in height. (Translation: 102mm for those blokes who know what "blokes" mean) The recessed cove in our roadsters are about 3.5" high (90mm). The Stateside BMW Warning Triangle has a sand-filled black base that swings out 90. Coincidentally, Mercedes' Warning Triangle look identical. (I checked in-person)

The harmonious part you seek seems to only be offered in Europe as P/N 71-60-1-092-427. Instead of a heavy base, it contains two wiry swing-out legs at each end, and stores itself in a blue plastic container. This container fits snugly into the recessed cove. If you know of any friends/family/acquaintance/clergy/landlord/debtor/chatbuddy/landscaper/coworker heading to Europe (and back), have them stop at a Dealership to snag one or a dozen. If US Customs asks why so many, a reply like, "It was for our Jetliner" usually brings about a strange Steven Wright pause. If the mule (as I understand most contraband smugglers are called) is kind and generous, you might find yourself paying him/her anywhere from $17~$25 for his/her effort and your peace of mind.

Alan REALLY shouldn't let me post at 4am in the morning,
'96 Z3 _7_7_7_7

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