Greek Church, Thanks to John D.
A Love Story in Estoril Blue
loving inspiration from Norton Juster
Once upon a time in Wisconsin ~ ~
there was an Estoril Blue M Roadster, who lived near Milwaukee. One day as this M Roadster was cruising along, it saw something familiar alongside the road.

"Look! Look! It looks like ME!!!!!!" said the Estoril M Roadster.
"One day" said John D., "one day, we will stop and see it up close, M Roadster, I promise."
"Oh, it is spectacular," thought the M Roadster, "Spectacular, like me...".

When they drove by, the M Roadster would look back at the familiar thing, from her oval mirrors, to it's rounded roof.
"But... But... It looks like me... it does... and not much else in this world looks like me." Said the Estoril Blue M Roadster, her black leather boot concealing her dark blue roof, flashing her Estoril Blue leather interior.
And then one clear summer day, they arrived.

"LOOK!" said the Estoril Blue M Roadster, "Look at those CURVES!
We could be related!"

By then she was close enough to see the gold flecked aluminum metal work designs in the windows. Looking at the images like of the mother and child like a mother and child, the M Roadster showed off her chrome gills.
She tried to cast a shadow design with her spoiler to play with the shadows of the spikes on it's roof.
About this time, the M Roadster was wondering why her new friend kept it's roof up on such a fine sunny day.
"None of my business" thought the M Roadster.

"No matter, let's PLAY!"
She growled,

The M Roadster looked up at the windows and door like a face about to speak.
Listening with a machine's ears she heard a faint rustling sound unlike anything she'd ever heard before.
It took special effort but finally she heard the sound of thousands of ball bearings moving ever so slightly under that massive dome roof, set in steel rails, supported by reinforced concrete concrete cylindrical trussing- and the roof was riding on the ball bearings!

"WOW!" though the M Roadster, as she sat in awe of her new friend.
So that's why the roof is always up and it doesn't go 'VROOOM' and it just sits there, because it is moving with thousands of wheels instead of 4, like me!

Just about then she saw the image of the building caught in her rear haunches.

With John D.'s help, the M Roadster managed to catch the reflections of her new friend in many places. It was like playing photographic "catch" as the two great beauties augmented and expanded on each other as canvas, palette and paint and form and expression, shadow and light in shades of wondrous blue.

Finally sated on the joy of appreciating each other, it was time to leave. Inevitably, one must go and one must stay, each richer for the knowledge that the other is there.

And they lived happily ever after in Wisconsin, together and apart, the same and still different.

Moral: It is worth finding the beauty in our differences
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