bht (Benson) writes:

(Northern California)
This is the way we have to park if we want both cars in the garage. My wife pulls her 323 in and aims for a tennis ball I hung off the ceiling joists. I back in and pull even with a nail I pounded into a vertical stud. Before this method of parking was mentioned to me (by a BMW salesman, no less) we'd spent 11 years with only one car in the garage at a time. Hearing that the salesman could get 2 cars into a little California garage energized me into clearing out the bikes and assorted debris, re-arranging the gorilla racks and going for it. Selling our Volvo S80 helped too - the 323 takes up much less room (not to mention being an infinitely more enjoyable car).
You can see the string holding up the tennis ball coming up off the roof of the 323. Other transportation items in view are a folding tandem near the back and a MountainKlein bike on the right.
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