Gary D writes:

(Atlanta)"I feel sorry for you having to park Esmerelda in a NY city garage. I grew up in Jersey and spent a lot of time in the city, and know how parking can be a nightmare.
I can't imagine not being able to open the kitchen door and look out into the garage to see my baby. I now live outside Atlanta and have a 2 car garage.
I've hung lighting, put in extra outlets and heaters so I can play all I want anytime day or night out there. With garage door openers, the Z is "sealed in" even before I can turn off the car and get out.
Another nice thing, when its cold like this, the heat from the engine raises the temperature enough so that the garage stays pretty warm during the night. No matter how cold its gotten outside, the thermometer has never fallen below 55, good for the rear window."
Gary even has a map of the world up there to remind his baby, "The World Is Not Enough". I wanna know what is in the big BMW box!

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