G Smith writes:

(Houston, TX)
I live in Houston, Texas

and this is the garage for my Y2K M Roadster and the 1997 Volvo 850 GLT wagon.

Nothing very special about the garage, but our 2 golden retrievers, Murphy and Lizzie (they are both female) think the M is their car and would like to join Rachel's Z3 girls page someday.

Also, in case you didn't see my post today re: you starting a PetZ page, what do you think? DC has 4 goldens, I have 2 and am working on a third, Mike V has a couple of good looking dogs, ///Mad has a Rotty, and I think I read somewhere you have a cat(s)? Maybe a bunch of others do too. Or, is that way too OT?
Oh no! Not a Z3 Pets page! Don't give me any ideas.....AUGHHHHH!!! ;D
Since MikeV already got his dogs on his garage page, and Alan O was talkin about his dogs on his garage page, mebbe we let the dogs into the garage pages- as long as there is a garage pic as the price of admission???? Well, maybe....but first I want a pic where we can see what's INSIDE your garage.... remember, no cleaning!!!!! Sheesh Gary, at least Mike's dogs are IN the garage! ;p
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