Nathan writes:

(Jamestown, NC - - GO HEELS!!!)
Attached is my garage for my 2.8L (MY00), I have no name for her yet and she is over 1-year old. What type of father am I??? to not name his kid. As you can see, no other auto has a chance to sit next to her.
She is a L 2000 2.8 Steel Gray, with Dinan Stage II suspension, a Fogg/Fong CAI,
See what happens when Shawn and Nathan get busy in their garages? POWER! (grin)
kick butt upgraded stereo system, and other little mods. Check them out my Z3 World page.
As you can see the hanging banner in back is the mother of all roadsters the AC Cobra 427, I want to buy a kit car to build one day. To the right of the 2.8 is my other mode of transportation, my mountain bike, Litespeed Tsali, super light full titanium, weights in at 22.5 pounds. Hanging from the ceiling is my old BMX bike that I raced in Schenectady NY (when I was in highschool). My other daily driver is a 96 Honda Accord EX 4-door w/a V-6.
Finally, on the rear back wall, you can see a yellow diamond shaped symbol. That item is from Deal's Gap, when I tamed the Dragon run this year.
Well thats all for now. You have a great site and keep it up.
Nathan has a great site too, check out Nathan's Page, Z3POWER.NET
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