Alan O writes:

(Birmingham, AL [originally Massapequa Pk, NY]) writes:
"Originally from L.I., I now live in Birmingham, AL. Definitely suburbia. We keep the three cars in the garage- the M-coupe, the SUV, and the minivan. I hate to admit it, but when the we go out with the kids and the dog, the larger vehicles are handy.
I occasionally put a cover on. The dog has a habit of trying to sniff any open windows in the car (why, who knows? He's a dog.) He put some scratches in the M3, so if we leave him in the garage with my car, I put the cover on.
I feel slightly guilty about the easy, daily access I have to my car compared to you. Of course, you have easy, daily access to the city... We all make choices and compromises, I guess."
(I like the carpeting Alan- and don't feel guilty, you Got What You Wanted! )
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