Step 7- The Dragon
The next morning Bryan was up and at 'em before me, and neither of us was considering food. I followed him to JohnB's and for the next hour people collected in front of his house. Neighbors seemed pretty amused at the goings-on in the cul-de-sac.

Around 7 I ate the cottage cheese and wondered if I would be seeing it again soon on the infamous Dragon.
We left as a group around 730am and fought our way through Nashville's rush hour traffic before the road opened up. The Hilton in Knoxville was the stop, and it was getting hot. We hit a Wendy's for food and an Exxon for gas, found Tim (UK) and George (also UK). These hardy Brits had jumped a jet to Charlotte, rented a car (Chevy Cavalier Z24 convertible) and were determined to do the Dragon to Spartanburg.
Off we went.
It's fair to say I learned as much about driving with these Texas people on the Dragon as I learned at driving school. I was the slowest- not counting the Brits in the Z24.
Tim (UK) writes:
Waddya mean, the slowest? I was certain we were catching up with the M Roadster in front. Anyway, we deserve a prize for having the most tyre squeal (grin).

I had never driven 40-50 mph in 2nd gear before. My alternate name for the Dragon Drive is the "Ride the Rev Limiter" Drive. Man, I was loving that strut bracelet.
JonT tells me his group rode the Dragon 3 times and that makes a lot of sense! After driving for 3 days to get to it, ya might as well do it a couple times. Gosh, its fun. I hears its one of the 10 best roads in America which makes me ask:
"What are the other 9?"
I hear one of them is in Southern Ohio. Hmmmmmm.
I got my Dragon Sticker at the shop at the bottom of the hill.

Carter was taping the whole time while Steven drove the Dragon.
JonT was driving while taking photographs!
I had to keep both hands on the wheel and even then I was hard pressed just to keep up!
Well, it was glorious. The Texas Convoy folks gave me a sticker for their convoy and I am proud as punch of it.
1- The Cast/NYC, ~~ 2- Pennsylvania, ~~ 3- Buckeyes, ~~ 4- Cin-cy, ~~
5-Midwest Z3ers @ The BMW Store, ~~ 6-Kentucky, ~~ 7-Nashville, ~~ YOU ARE HERE, ~~
9-Homecoming Friday, ~~ 10- Homecoming Saturday, ~~ 11- The Trip Home, ~~

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