why do GUYS always hate sports cars? (archive)

Posted by Rachel on March 15, 2001 at 15:02:49:

In Reply to: Why do "wives" always hate the sports cars? posted by WannaM on March 15, 2001 at 13:30:24:

All I hear is whining from the guys I have dated about my sports car.

They complain it's too small
They complain when I drive
They complain about their HAIR
They get mad when I would rather put up the roof myself, and if I let them do it, they want praise-
They always want to YAK when I am washing the car- DON'T THEY UNDERSTAND I WANT TO AVOID THE WATER DRYING ON THE CAR?
Then I have to come back here and hear about how women are the problem.


Women are easy- one of these should work:

1) Let her drive
2) Buy her jewelry

oh and one more pet peeve- imho, Z3 events are NOT a good date!

Unless you and your SO enjoy car stuff together- leave the passenger seat EMPTY!


You stop for lunch during a Z3 Ride.
It begins to rain.
Your SO is outside, and so is your car, top down.

Which do you run to cover?


I had a girlfriend (who nagged me like a wife) to get rid of my Z3, and I keep seeing ebay posts and whatnot for accessories, cuz "the wife wants me to get rid of the car." Now, it seems to me that I just want to find a gal... and she doesn't have to love my car... just not nag me about getting rid of it.

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