How to Sign Up for the Email List or Sign In for the Yahoo Message Board for Zeckendorf Owners and Residents

last page update May 31, 2001
    If you want to read the Message Board instead of or additionally to the mail list, here's my best instructions, Good Luck!
  • If you tried the link to the Message Board/Email List and got this message:
    "Oops... You must be signed in to access the group zowners. To sign in, please click here: Sign In "
    I apologize. The only free Message Board and Email service I could find was Yahoo. They require a cumbersome sign-in process to read the message board.
    Yahoo requires cookies.
  • Make sure your cookies are turned on and click on "Sign In"
    Yahoo requires ID and password.
  • This brings us to a screen to input "Yahoo ID" and password- or to sign up for a Yahoo ID and password as a new member.
    • After you have signed up with Yahoo, come back again to this point with your Yahoo ID and password
    Join this group.
  • Signed in with your Yahoo ID and Password, click on "join this group" (currently on the right side of the page)
    Choose your settings.
  • for Message Board ONLY- place a dot in "No email Don't send me email, I'll read the messages at the Web site"
    • or set it to send you emails of each post if you like
  • choose plain text or html- as you like
  • then click on "Join"
    Finally, you are able to read the Zeckendorf Towers Owners and Residents Message Board.
  • Click on "Thread" currently located on the right side to see replies as threads.
      To post a new thread:
    • Once on the page, click "Post" currently located on the left side.
      To post under an existing thread:
    • Click on "Reply" after reading the post you would like to reply to.
  • To get back to the Message Board, click "Messages" currently located on the left side.