Zodom and Gamorrah
I am triple packed.
1)The apartment was packed.
As we would be knocking down the walls of my bathroom and bedroom and the front hall, everything in there and my office had to be moved somewhere else. That means everything was in the living room, since that is the only room left.

This is my living room now.
2) I had packed the car with enough clothes and toiletries for myself and the cat for a three day trip- much like Gilligan's "three hour tour", and the foot tall pile of papers for the Frank Lloyd Wright article I mean to write, as well as all the drawings and receipts for the work to be done on my apartment. All these papers in a bag on the passenger seat under the disposable litter boxes. The seatbelt on the passenger side has developed a nasty habit of seizing up as well as the airbag light coming on again after 5 fixes.
So the car was packed.
3) Naturally I could not put in the car the rest of the clothes and equipment I would need for the whole 8 weeks, so I packed two boxes, one quite large, for Federal Express. It should take me three days to get to Naples, and it takes three days for the boxes to get there by Fedex. I hope.

The boxes...
I walked out the door concerned about little more than my cat's ability to handle a 3 day car trip.
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Zodom and Gamorrah
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