How To Program A Destination in Traffic Pro

So, you'd like to go somewhere? While the music or radio is playing, go ahead and select the "Nav" button.
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From here on, you will just use the right knob. It's already on "Destination". Push it once.
Same knob, dial the first letter of the town where you are going. See each letter larger on the right side to confirm it. This is on "H".
I dial up "P". Push the same knob to select "P".
Traffic Pro removes all the letters that couldn't come after "P". I'm going to Philadelphia so I dial "H" and push it once to select it.
Now all that's left are the vowels that can come after "PH". Dial "I" and push it once.
Traffic Pro guesses "Phil Campbell", but I dial "L" and push it once.
Dial "A" and push it once.
Traffic Pro guesses "Philadelphia". Yes, that's right, dial to the check mark and push it once.
Traffic Pro brings up a list of similar names. I dial "Philadelphia" and push it once.
Traffic Pro lists the states it has listed for "Philadelphia", that is, Mississippi, New York and Pennsylvania. I dial turn dial to Pennsylvania and push once.
There's that silly hourglass we all know from Windows.
Traffic Pro wants to know if we're just going to the city center or would we like a specific street? Push once to confirm a "Street"
I dial to spell "Locust St" the same way as I spelled "Philadelphia" with Traffic Pro suggesting and removing letters. About 2 clicks.
Confirm Locust St. by pushing once.
Here I can dial to select inputting a specific House Number, select an Intersection, or specify new Route Settings.
Let's explore the Route Settings.
"Fast Route" takes the highways, "Short Route" will take backroads - "as the crow flies" if it's more directly in line.
You can set the Restrictions to pick up the ferries, or to avoid the ferry routes, same for toll roads and highways. I have found GREAT backroads with this option!

OK so now I am ready to go to Philadelphia, Locust St at 15th St- on fast roads. Push it once to confirm.
I could have programmed where I was going from a list of Points of Interest (POI), or chosen from my Last Destinations, or Memorized Locations instead of selection my Destination. Once we're on the way, I could decide to make a stop over using the POI Menu- and still stay on my route.

I could have chosen a Stopover, Traffic Pro would go there and then continue on to my Destination after announcing "You have reached your Stopover", without reprogramming. Traffic Pro will take me there and automatically continue on once we get there.

And if there is traffic or an obstacle in the way, I can push the other button and Traffic Pro will route me around it and still keep me on my route to my Destination, all the while playing music or listening to the radio. Traffic Pro uses SSV and turns down the music just enough to speak the directions, then returns the volume where it was . See the other Screen Shots to see some typical route graphics- they still show up even when the display is showing music controls.

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