September 11, 2006 - With the Heroes
Page 1  - Kevin Arrives at L20 for the 5th Anniversary of 9-11-01
Lt Colonel Kevin McMahon arrived at Ladder 20 to pay his respects on 9-11-06
He was a little surprised to find his family name as one of the Ladder 20 firefighters lost on 9-11-01
The memorial wall at Ladder 20
Kevin was happy to see the flag his unit, the 118th Medical Battalion, sent from Iraq was proudly displayed on the wall in the kitchen of Ladder 20, along with the Certificate of Appreciation sent by our friends serving with the 115th Forward Support Battalion, 1st Cavalry. Captain Weldon happy to see Kevin.
Kevin under the road sign of Bobby McMahon in the kitchen at Ladder 20.
The gifts delivered on 9-11-04 from the 447th AEG Fire Department in Iraq hang proudly in the main firehouse at Ladder 20
Ladder 20 lines up with the rig at the time the second plane hit the World Trade Center
Second Moment of silence
Page 1 - Kevin Arrives at L20 for the 5th Anniversary of 9-11-01
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Gifts from the 1st Cavalry, Nora, 115th Forward Support Battalion  
Page 3 - Troop Shirts Christmas 2004 in Iraq
Page 4
 - Catching up with L20, 1st Cavalry, Nora in 2006

Page 5 -Troop Shirts Christmas 2005 Ladder 18 invades Iraq
Page 6  - Fort Anaconda, Balad, Iraq becomes Fort Pitt, Ladder 18, FDNY
Page 7 - Christmas 2005 more: Detachment 2632, Air Force Clinic, Sandra and back to Ladder 18

Page 8 - Ladder 111 Engine 214 invades Iraq

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