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updated June 26, 2007
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June 26, 2007- Monster has discontinued the iCruze. I copied their online install manuals for those of us who have the iCruze and may need information.
 MPC FX ICRUZ  iPod to OEM/CD Changer Main Interface DOWNLOAD
 MPC FX LCD-UM  LCD Display - Free Standing DOWNLOAD
 MPC FX IM-BMW1  iCruze to 1996-2003 BMW Interface Module DOWNLOAD
 MPC FX IM-CHR1  iCruze to 1998-2004 Chrysler Interface Module (w/ RDS) DOWNLOAD
 MPC FX IM-FD1  iCruze to 2003-2004 Ford Interface Module DOWNLOAD
 MPC FX IM-GM1  iCruze to 2003-2004 GM Interface Module DOWNLOAD
 MPC FX IM-NIS1  iCruze to 1998-2004 Nissan/Infiniti Interface Module DOWNLOAD
 MPC FX IM-TOY1  iCruze to 1998-2004 Toyota Interface Module DOWNLOAD
 MPC FX IM-VW1  iCruze to 1998-2004 Audi/VW Interface Module DOWNLOAD
 MPC FX IM-MB1  iCruze to 1999-2004 Mercedes Benz Interface Module DOWNLOAD
 MPC FX IC-AUD1  Interface Cable for Audi 98-03 DOWNLOAD
 MPC FX IC-HND1  Interface Cable 1992-2002 Acura/Honda DOWNLOAD
 MPC FX IC-MB1  Interface Cable Mid 1994-1998 Mercedes-Benz DOWNLOAD
 MPC FX IC-VOL1  Interface Cable 1991-1995 & 1999-2001 Volvo (NO S80,V70) DOWNLOAD
 MPC FX IC-CHR1  Interface Cable 1996-2001 Chrysler (square-style radio) DOWNLOAD
 MPC FX IC-FD1  Interface Cable for Pre-wired Fords DOWNLOAD
 MPC FX IC-FD2  Interface Cable for 1995-1998 Fords DOWNLOAD
 MPC FX IC-FD3  Interface Cable for 1995-2003 Fords (DAS) DOWNLOAD
 MPC FX IC-FD4  Interface Cable for Cougar, Focus, S-Type DOWNLOAD
 MPC FX IC-FD5  Interface Cable for 1998 Combo, 1999-2003 DOWNLOAD
 MPC FX IC-FD6  Interface Cable- 04-05 Ford DOWNLOAD
 MPC FX IC-LR2  Interface Cable 2000-2002 Discovery, Range Rover DOWNLOAD
 MPC FX IC-BMW1  Interface Cable 2002 Land Rover Freelander; BMW 96-02 DOWNLOAD
 MPC FX IC-BMW2  Interface Cable BMW 03-04 DOWNLOAD
 MPC FX MBUS-5M  M-bus extenstion cable for iCruze - 5 Meters DOWNLOAD

April 2006-Jon T writes:
Well, it works but... MyTraffic Pro had to reset a couple of times. I don't use that car every day, but I had a couple of days using it. Do you have a factory or aftermarket stereo? I have a TrafficPro, just like Rachel does. The techs at Daniels (Lucas was the guy) wired my iCruize power "switched", so it goes off when I shut the car off. I've noticed that if you try to use it immediately after turning on the car, it's not recognized by the TrafficPro, and you have to reset the TP. I think that's because the iCruze is still powering up and isn't recognized by the TP. It's just a hunch though.
What I'm trying to do is this:
-Before shutting off the car, I turn off the radio.
-When I restart the car, wait for it to power back up
-When the iCruze is displaying the song title, then I turn on the radio.
-I press "advance" on the radio, and then it starts playing the next song.

That seems to work for me. I've found that the TP and the iCruze get a little weird when I change "disks", and if I do it too much, the iCruze stops responding. Oh, BTW, the iCruze makes use of your first six playlists, and uses them as CDs 1-6. When the iPod started to crap out on me, I'd have to reset the radio. The Traffic Pro has a three-fingered salute to do that. I wonder if you'll have to do that with a factory radio, which I don't have anymore. If so, it'd be a PITA to figure out how to reboot it. One other thing I've noticed is that random play does not update the TP radio display properly. It just advances to the next # in the song list, but the iCruze display tells the right story.
The iCruze display is bright, and when driving at night, it's distracting. I had it laying upside down at the front of the center console, so it didn't show up, but I'd flip it over for the song info when I wanted to see it. Overall, I dunno. I wanted the ipod control integrated into the stereo, so I chose to do it. If you have the "special" cable that Rachel didn't get, but I did, you can install everything into the dash by plugging the cable into the back of the radio and then into the BMW-to-iCruze adapter. I took some photos of the cable, and I'll dig them out, if you want to go through with it. After that, there are four wires that have to be connected, and apparently the instructions are in one of the manuals (I think there's also a 3" CD with install instructions), which Lucas read through. After all that, Lucas ran the cables for the remote display and the iPod cable through the glovebox, and chances are, I'll leave them there.

Mick replies: Hi Jon,
That's great info, thank you very much. I am, in fact, using my original BMW radio so I am very interested in speaking with someone who has the iCruze hooked up to that. So far, I've not really gotten great reviews about the iCruze so I'm starting to lean towards returning it unless someone can tell me that it works pretty easily with the stock radio.
If you or Rachel know of anyone using it with a stock radio, could you let me know or forward me their email? I'm reluctant to go through all the trouble of installing it if it's performance is less than acceptable.
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