Using Traffic Pro Aux-In
updated July 1, 2007

Note: The same applies to any mp3 player or any gadget or device using Aux-In, I just used an iPod
And I am NOT a professional installer- use this information and mess with your car's electronics at your own risk!

Before you start: Even though it's highly unlikely this will have any effect on your electrical system, better safe than sorry, disconnect your battery before you begin. Natch if you do, you have to reset your clock, have your TP radio code handy and other model specific-items- like in a Z3 reset your automatic windows (hold down button).
For your iPod to play through your Traffic Pro, all you need is a way to get the music OUT of your iPod and IN to your TP (Traffic Pro). That means you need some kind of OUTput jack/cable from your iPod and some kind of INput jack/cable into your TP. There's a whole lot of options these days because everyone wants to take their iPod out for a ride. There are three basic ideas for connecting iPod to your car head unit:
1- FM adapters- weak sound quality, cheapest and easiest
2- Line Out adapter/Aux In connection- Cheap, easy, good sound, ipod control- that's this page.
3- Adapter Interface Kits: varied success dependent on interface and install options.
More about the other options on the Z3 iPod Install page.

OK so this is how to do it the second way, Aux In
    Parts Needed:
  • Appropriate Cable consists of:
    • iPod/gadget appropriate Line Out adapter on one end
    • Traffic Pro appropriate Aux In (blue head) on the other end
  • Traffic Pro Removal Keys
  • Mounting clips/holder (optional)
My old set up from 2005
IN to the Traffic Pro:
Plug the blue Aux input cable plug into the back of the Traffic Pro instead of the red connector:
Out with the Red, in with the Blue
. If you are in a Z3 with a stock set up, that's all there is to connecting your Aux Input because the red connector has nothing else for you, just the IBUS for the CD changer you aren't using.
If you are in another model or marque or have a non-stock set up, or are unsure where it plugs in, please check out the Ins and Outs pages.

OUTput from iPod:
Below you see a 3.5mm stereo mini plug going in to the Line Out on the Pocketdock, and a firewire cigarette lighter adapter. Looks like the current version Pocketdocks have the ability to charge as well.
I used (old version) Sendstation Pocketdock
There are now all sorts of Pocketdocks, for USB, Video etc. Check their surge protection, mine had none. When I used the firewire side power it made a bad whining sound so I couldn't charge it while I drove.
I used the old version Sendstation Pocketdock with the The Blaupunkt Aux Input 7-607-897-093 with 3.5mm stereo mini-plug:

in the photo of my car at the top of this page from 2005.
Another power option:
Power the iPod though the dock connector and get the sound from the iPod through a 3.5mm audio-out jack, (use the Blaupunkt Aux Input 7-607-897-093 cable above with the 3.5mm jack) the Belkin is a nice unit that includes surge protection:

And another option from SIK (thanks Terry!):
SIK Power & Line Level Output Adapter
See the SIK installed in Terry O’Reilly's '96 1.9
Now there is an all-in-one cable for both sound and power for the iPod using the dock connector, the PIE BLAU/8-POD:

If your iPod is an older model without the docking station plug, or a Shuffle, you can't use this cable.

Connor wrote 12/24/06:
If you want the Ipod charging capability, you have to tap into the factory stereo wiring for a power and ground. If I remember correctly the switched 12 volt power was a violet/yellow wire and ground was a
brown wire on my 96 e36.
Bob in California wrote on 3/21/07:
I suggest having a fuse in the
+12volt line if you decide to use that for charging, and also to connect to to a switched
+12 so that you don't risk running down your battery.
This is my iPod with the Pocketdock attached, aux input with stereo mini-plug cable (and also a white phone input cable for aux in) plugged in to one side of the Pocketdock, a firewire cable for DC power to the cigarette lighter plug (discontinued). The phone mute function with the Traffic Pro still worked great - with the phone kit. When the phone rings, I hear it ring on the car speakers, when I answer, the Traffic Pro mutes the music but navigation announcements continue.
More Aux in cable options:
The Becker Aux Input 1319.116-276: (you have to put the wires in the connector) has RCA jacks suitable for many non-iPod uses:
(JoeCinVa pic)
PIE BLAU/8-RCA is already assembled with 2 RCA jacks

All these Aux In cables have the same blue connector to plug into the back of the TP, the difference is only the end that plugs in to your iPod or whatever gadget you want.
Running the cable from behind the TP to the iPod:
Blondie: Location kali 97 Z3 2.8 writes:
I ran the Stereo-Miniplug cable from behind the TP out through the OBD II connector opening in the passenger footwell. When I get out of the car, I unplug the iPod, drop it in my purse, and the only evidence it was ever there is the miniplug dangling down between the passenger seat and center console. Very clean install.
Enable Aux Input:
OK, it's all wired up, all you have to do is tell the Traffic Pro that you are using Aux Input instead of the CD changer.
Chris Hoppe writes:
Press and hold the tone key (dp) for two seconds to access the user menu. You might have to use the arrow (->) soft key. Use the AUX soft key to cycle through the AUX modes until it says the "AUX mode on". The select the cd key (CD) and you should have the option to select AUX as the input device.

From that point on, when you select the "CD" button, it will be your iPod.

Mounting Options (optional):
So now it's installed and it's working- Where does the iPod go?

Blondie: Location kali 97 Z3 2.8 writes:
My iPod sits on the center console, in front of the gearshift.
Again you have lots of choices. If you don't want your iPod hangling out on your gearshift or in your cupholder, or hiding in your glovebox, you will want a mounting solution. Some choices come with the adapter you choose. (Be happy you aren't using the BMW iPod adapter, not only is it very expensive but also it disables the display on your iPod and doesn't show song titles and limits your playlists to 5. You're supposed to chuck your iPod in your glove box and not see it!)

Here's a little exploration into Pro-Fit, Pro-Clip and Panavise mounting options:
Al's XM Mount
Hobbes 382's iPod mini with Belkin adapter and Panavise mounting bracket. The iPod Mini apparently comes with a nice mounting holder. I don't know if he's got it powered.
The panavise mounting system is versatile and allows you to mount the accessory up at dash level but it expects to be screwed in to the body panel behind the center vent. I am loathe to drill holes in my car for any reason. Another problem is the very strength of the powder coated steel bracket sticking out of the dash. During impact a mount like this could be dangerous, even lethal.
Accessories for the Panavise mount, this system could hold your iPod and your cell phone.
I am probably going to use the Panavise mount for either my iPod or more likely my cell phone, using the ProClip for the other because I don't like the Proclip mounting solution for two accessories. I am going to try using adhesive foam tape instead of drilling screws.
Panavise with clip
Panavise with swivel
Panavise is versatile and elegant- but I still don't recommend it for safety reasons.
Proclip also offers many solutions for different cars and also a device to hold a cell phone and an iPod or other accessories like Panavise but Proclip requires no drilling and the parts are made of plastic. I did not find a dashboard height mounting solution from Proclip for the Z3. There is concern about mounting anything at eye level in case of accidents- it's kinda of a catch-22; you want it close to your eye to see it but you dont want it to harm your eye on impact. PDRM0715
Panavise Windshield Mount
ProClip- shown here from Rob Schneider's (old Verion Icelink) Dension install. Dension recommends Proclip for use with the Dension holder.
All mounting solutions expect you to use a "holder" to hold the accessory and a mounting bracket to fasten it to the car. So you have to get two pieces. Then the holder and the mounting bracket connect to each other. iPod Minis come with a nice holder so you only need the mounting bracket.
I used the Panavise vent mount with the Proclip holder for my phone and a Proclip console mount for my iPod in the photo at the top of this page.
A note about Phone Installs:
I asked the shop to add the phone connector to the Blaupunkt cable. You see it here as a white wire with an RCA female jack, for the purpose of the iPod, you can ignore it.
If you are planning to install a phone, those wires will also connect through the blue plug. I have not tried using the new PIE BLAU/8-POD with a phone, presumably you can get the shop to run the phone connection from this cable the same way as the the stereo-mini plug version.
See Phone Installs.
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