Z3 Fixit Day 2006
updated June 26,2006 (many but esp Ice Blue)
~*~*~ Ten years of Happiness Later ~*~
Table of Contents:
1- The Video (paparazzi cam) -please check this out- its worth it!
2-Day's Inn Gathering
3-Caravan to Daniels
4-Daniels Line Up
5- Brad Y
6- the Burns'
7- the Coupés
8- Daytime Running Lights - Alistair
9- Daniels' Facilities
10- Footwell Lights- Dave T
11- Glovebox Sag (Smile) Fix- Jon T
12- Jamie & Robert 5°
13- Xpel Light and Paint protection- John & Gerrie & the 330ci convertible
14- Leather Repair
15-Wiper Blades, Hard Top Noise, Hydrolock- Mick

16- Jangling Sound Repair- Mitzi
17- Monster iCruize iPod Interface- Rachel
18- Spray Paint Bumper Repair- Born Leader
19- Dent Repair (Paintless)- Zack &Tony P
20- Presentations
21- Water Pump Impeller/Thermostat Housing/Sub Frame Cracks/Dinan Sock -Rachel
22- Seat Rocking Fix
23- Vin & Jian
24- Bent Wheel Repair - S Fogi
25- Kathy's Rare Ice Blue

Letter from the Third Street Alliance:
Jim from Daniels BMW just delivered the items that you and your group so generously donated to our agency. We are so grateful for these much needed items. Our Maintenance staff was thrilled to deliver them to homes all around the building and they are already being put to good use.
We not only appreciate these items from your group, but also your hard work and organization in planning this day and being kind enough to include Third Street Alliance as a part of it. Thank you so much, Rachel, for your personal commitment to this project.
To all of the Z3ers--our heartfelt thanks and an invitation to visit our building when you are in town.
Betsy Walker, Director of Development
Third Street Alliance for Women & Children
came for Fixin' and Givin' since June 26, 2006
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