Laurie with her baby at the doors to the Zentrum, Homecoming 2000

Laurie writes:

I see myself in the garage late at night alone. Alone except for me, and my car. A beautiful Cosmo Black M Roadster. It is my pride and joy. I am in touch with every dust spot or stone chip that has taken to residing on the car. I am just glad that my husband goes to bed early and my daughter has no interest in things with wheels unless they just get her to her destination. This is my time. The time this woman really enjoys.

I am a clean freak about our house and our vehicles. Guess my mom taught me too well. I am proud of that though, and take pride in what I work so hard to keep nice. Some people think I am nuts, but hey, to each their own!

I think my love for vehicles comes from being an only child and a tomboy hanging out with my dad. He loved sports cars and my goal in life was to have a Corvette like he did. Once married, I did. And then married again, I did again. Only thing, this car as beautiful as it was, was not my true love for a vehicle. Not until the day I sold the cherry fire engine red Corvette covertible for the little so called triple black "batmobile" showroom 1.9 Z3. This was my baby! It was true love! And so the obsession for this beauty was born. My obsession to drive it, clean it, and love it was very clear.
I have the kind of personality to seek others that feel the same as I. And so the Z3 message board was found along with my whole family of friends that share the same love. Yes, I have a job. I am a office manager in a office and live in a small town. But I have the only car like it around here. I love it. Just driving to work and parking it outside is great. I can open the door and check on it anytime I like. Sometimes I go to the mailbox more than once, just to be able to see how wonderfully patient it sits and waits looking as cool as ever.
The only thing now to mention, is I no longer own my little triple black Z3. With sad regret I traded this little gem for the power and performance of the M Roadster. It was the saddest along with the happiest day of my life. I knew you would understand. It is my new found gem that now gives me the power thrill I must need to be able to say, bring it on boys! Must be that tomboy thing again!
I do not know if you can tell what kind of woman I really am from this or not. Probably not. But to me, that is really not that important. What is important that I along with alot of other women, all share a feeling of joy. That makes us all alike that way. What makes this whole thing so unique is that we females are so alike , yet so different! Oh, life is good!

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