Vicky writes:

Back.. a few years ago, when I was 41 years old, I had a lifealterating experience. I was a typical type 'A' personality... I worked andworked and never stayed still. I was a fanatic house cleaner and workedfirst, as a sheriff's deputy, then went to work in an all male maximumsecurity correctional facility. with trying to work 12 hour days on the joband as a single mother, maintain a household with teenagers, I guess that I did not really stop long enough to think about my health.
I suffered a massive class 5 mycardial infarction (heart attack) andalmost did not live to tell the story... my life changed so drastically.not only had my body let me down but this altered my entire outlook onlife. I decided that it was time to have some fun... to live my life... enjoy those beautiful children.. grandchild, pets, sunrises, music, moviesand music... and to write that book that I had always thought would befun.... and to indulge in something for myself for sheer, unadulterated,pamper myself fun... hence.. my baby... the katz, my //M roadster. imaginethis l... I had seen a roadster once before and actually went over totalk to the young man driving it to ask what it was.... no second thoughtsabout cash better spent or doubts at all... I went to the dealer, paid cashand ordered my baby. I gave away my 4X4.... and got my katz on Valentine'sday last year. of course, many on the board know that I am awaiting a hearttransplant... but I can drive... I tire so easily... but not when i'mdriving... it is an experience that I cannot explain. I am free onceagain.. allowed out of my room for those times when I feel the need toescape!!
Z3 women... here is one usually confined to a great extent to myroom... where I am surrounded by everything that a person could possibly askfor... and my katz is parked directly under me in the garage... just waiting for thosetimes when I take a fancy for a ride... rides that have taken me all overthe southern part of the united states... for I just pack a bag andescape...what a life I have!! yes... there are bad days... and tests andwaiting but... she is always there for when I need that chance to get outand enjoy the wind in my hair and loud music and thinking time....
I think I have a greater appreciation now of what I should have beendoing for all those years before my heart attack. there is some truth tothe old adage about 'smelling the roses'.. I am going out with a smile on myface...
thank you for allowing me to tell my story... vicky .. aka 'alleykatz'.....
Vicky, we're glad to have you and your story! Here is the next Z3 girl in the family!
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