So begins the search for parts...
Remember to CHECK all these part numbers with your parts department before you order!
(Please read through the whole book to help find more parts you might need for what you want to do.)
    Things you might need...
  • needlenose pliers, screw driver, adjustable wrench, tie wraps, wire clipper or scissors, wire coat hanger for fishing wires, bmw star tool for removing radio(if necessary) and armrest, pen end wrench for removing armrest, electrical tape and tie wraps, non-serrated butter knife, masking tape, phillips screwdriver, towel, safety glasses, something that doesn't carry current, tie wraps, tie wraps and tie wraps....
  • Notes from Ziggy
Simple things I understand, like changing a button for cosmetic reasons.
Instead of the original little red metal cutoff button, Radio Shack offers this button:
Part number 275-644 $1.69

I could order it, but I don't know how to splice it.

This is the BMW harness

I ordered it from Autotoys
Once again, I don't know how to attach it to the UNGO harness.

I found my siren plug connector on the engine side of the fuse box, near the windshield
I had to dig a bit

Mine still had this black cap. Dave T's siren connector plug did not have it. If it has a BMW part number, we can't find it. :(

Since I had this cap, Harvster could thread the siren wires through it

It would plug neatly into the existing female BMW connector

Dave found his plug like this, without a cap.

Dave T has a pal who works on boats, he changed the connector for him to this waterproof arrangement.

Dave T's siren with new connector

10mm deep well socket, needed to tighten nylon threaded bolt on siren.
Book Of UNGO
Part 1 Plan Ahead~~ Part 2 So begins the search for parts~~ Part 3 Siren Placement~~
Part 4 Placing the LED, Cutoff Switch and Space Shield ~~ Part 5 Glovebox Kama Sutra~~ Part 6 UNGO CPU and Logic Sensor ~~
Part 7 Hardwiring~~ Part 8 Routing the V1 Power, Above and Below~~ Part 9 Setting Levels~

Additional Information:
Removing Console, Bumper Siren, UNGO Z3 Schematic, Wire Harness Basic System Diagram, Ziggy's UNGO Install
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