Placing the LED, Cutoff Switch and Space Shield
I used what I had learned

installing leatherZ armrests
in '99
to remove the center armrest,
raise the shift boot and emergency
brake boot and storage cup.
Begin placing the LED,
Cutoff Switch, Space Shield, feeding the wires
through the center of the car
using all these openings. There's all kinds of places to use. Some hide their switch in a cutout in their center armrest. If you need to remove the lid in the center armrest:
You grab the rubber with a tweezer or crochet hook and squeeze it past the post on the top. Do this for both sides. Then lift to top off. The rubber band stays on the metal rod.
If you need to remove the center console, here's Fred Kern's instructions.

David's LED and cutoff switches, drilled into blanks.
Be careful, blanks are often
NOT interchangeable.

William W. Gusky's LED

My LED and Cutoff Switch in one blank
another Harvster special addition

Dave T put his LED here
Required parts to replace storage partition in rear center console:
51 16 8 407 211 Rear switch cover
65 11 2 492 136 Panel (large)
51 16 8 400 712 Panel (small)
replacement frame the part number is 51168399321

Wizzard added a Euro LED

Dave T put his cutoff here

Put the Space Shield here
It's nice to see the Space Shield Status light but not necessary
Book Of UNGO
Part 1 Plan Ahead~~ Part 2 So begins the search for parts~~ Part 3 Siren Placement~~
Part 4 Placing the LED, Cutoff Switch and Space Shield ~~ Part 5 Glovebox Kama Sutra~~ Part 6 UNGO CPU and Logic Sensor ~~
Part 7 Hardwiring~~ Part 8 Routing the V1 Power, Above and Below~~ Part 9 Setting Levels~

Additional Information:
Removing Console, Bumper Siren, UNGO Z3 Schematic, Wire Harness Basic System Diagram, Ziggy's UNGO Install
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