Placing the UNGO CPU and Logic Sensor 

This is what it's supposed to look like
    What we need behind the glovebox is:
  • The 12 pin connector to the BMW harness
  • A place for the logic sensor
  • A place for the UNGO
  • Places to run all the wires and cables
**The Idea Is To Find Places For Everything And Make Sure The Wires Reach Before You Actually Plug Them In**

With the glovebox removed, locate the BMW alarm connector (12 wire) taped to the firewall. Untape it. The Hood/radio connector will be attached(single black connector).
Purple wire, yellow spots.
Plug all harnesses into the CPU. If the CPU fits into the small plastic box behind the glovebox, secure it in the box with velcro or doublesided tape. If it does not fit, put it in the top shelf. Wedge it under the insulation. Tape the shock sensor on the right hand side of the top shelf oriented along the car front/back axis. Tape the extended range antenna as high as possible to the top of the dash between the console and the glovebox. Reach up and feel for an empty spot to tape the antenna.

Goldilox, '00 2.8

Esmerelda, '97 2.8
no lower open shelf

CiZi, '00 2.3

These guys make it look easy to find your 12 pin connector. Emmy's was pushed far back and tightly bound with tape.

Plug in the main harness to the BMW connector. You may get a chirp. Plug in the extra pin into the Hood/radio connector.
12 pin connector and purple hood/radio connector

plugging in alarm harness to the 12 pin conenctor

The Logic Sensor

Dave T points to where he placed his logic sensor, on the lower shelf

William tiewrapped it to a piece of the frame even though he had a lower shelf that would hold it. A true Z3er conserves space!

Emmy's is wedged into a nook in the metal along with a tiewrapped cord and stickytaped to the metal.
Best results come from orienting the Logic Sensor front to back along the line of the car. Doesn't seem to matter if it's tails out or tails in.

Behind the console flap on Dave T's car

Behind the HVAC controls in the console feels like guest starring in "The Matrix"

Behind the flap on Emmy
I guess those RCA jacks have something to do with my aftermarket stereo

Last thing is to plug everything in and put it in place.

David's UNGO cpu on top shelf

My UNGO cpu on top shelf.
I made a mistake and put it on top of the foam dash insulation instead of under.
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Part 4 Placing the LED, Cutoff Switch and Space Shield ~~ Part 5 Glovebox Kama Sutra~~ Part 6 UNGO CPU and Logic Sensor ~~
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