Hardwiring Made Easy
Now would seem to be a good time to install other things, like V1 and GPS hardwiring, CB antennas... yes, it would indeed. The easiest way to start this in my humble opinion is to use the cellphone connector under the console for switched or unswitched power.
Here's Vince Parson's article on how to wire up the easy to access cell phone connector for switched and unswitched power for everything, including V1s on MZ3.net. Much thanks to Dave T who actually wired mine up.
Dave T's Step by Step Hardwiring a V1 and GPS instructions
Here's Dave T's map of setting up his GPS hardwire:

Dave T found his cellphone connector here, but we had to hunt for mine

Emmy's cupboard was bare...

Vince's Cellphone Connector

My cell phone connector

More power sources from MZ3.net

Using Cell Phone power AND V1 hardwire from MZ3.net

Dave T's handiwork, finished product from Vince's article

Be sure to tape up the "female" ends of the wires. This is a splitter for the ground
Book Of UNGO
Part 1 Plan Ahead~~ Part 2 So begins the search for parts~~ Part 3 Siren Placement~~
Part 4 Placing the LED, Cutoff Switch and Space Shield ~~ Part 5 Glovebox Kama Sutra~~ Part 6 UNGO CPU and Logic Sensor ~~
Part 7 Hardwiring~~ Part 8 Routing the V1 Power, Above and Below~~ Part 9 Setting Levels

Additional Information:
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