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It makes sense that Earl would kick off the Z3 Guys page.
He ran one stock car race in 1954 won $100.00

Check out shifter buttons on the wheel Earl designed.

Here is the story of Earl's Delivery at the factory!

What can I tell you? The guys who drive Z3's got what it takes, the little angels... It all started when I saw this post:
First picture post. Holding my breath (archive)
First picture post. Holding my breath (archive)

Posted by CNYN RNR on June 21, 2000 at 16:31:31:

and hope it works. I have been having a wonderful second childhood since I bought CNYN RNR, and eagerly look forward to his successor, CNYN RNR-2, a 3.0 White, Blk, Blk rdstr, w/5sp Steptronic.

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