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balls of steel baby...

(See the video of Dave Shagging from Homcoming '00)

Rachel has kidded on recent roadtrips that it was her job to tell me "NO" - as in "NO, Dave, you can't pick up the hitchhiker." Or "NO, Dave, don't ask the waitress about carwashes."

You can ask waitresses, but not the cashier at a Waffle House after midnight in Winchester Kentucky, when the whole restaurant is staring at us because of the cars, and everyone around us is on speed...

If she was here last night, I might have heard "NO, Dave, don't pass that gas station with your orange light on."

Ja, that is what I would say. (grin)

I ran out on the way home from work, about 11pm. Had the cellphone out charging and forgot to put it back in the car. Got out, stashed the V1 & GPS in the trunk and started to walk to the nearest station - about 3 miles away. Looked back after a few minutes and had to turn around. Couldn't leave her there alone for so long. I resigned myself to spending the night and started psyching up for the walk in the morning.

awwww true love. Although I think she'd be saying, "GET ME SOME GAS!"

About 15 minutes later, a trooper speeds by, comes to a halt, backs up to the crossover and circles around toward me. In the meantime another trooper pulls up, red and blue flashing. I'd heard that it was important to keep your hands in view until the officer steps up to the window so I was sitting still holding on to the wheel. Couple of minutes later, I'm still sitting. Decide to get out so I grab the door latch, open and try to quickly put my hands in view on the window without suddenly jerking the door open.

Ja that part about what you are supposed to do sounds smart.

Outside, the trooper had walked back to talk to another officer who had pulled in behind. Told him I'd run out of gas and he scolded me for having such a "nice vehicle" and letting the gas get so low. Asked for a ride to the station.

Hey, just tell the truth... it's so much fun, it's hard to STOP!

"Are you the registered owner?" "Yes. Do you need to see the registration?" "No. Are you carrying any firearms, knives or other weapons?" "No, sir." "I need to pat you down."

So I'm standing there in jacket and tie getting frisked. Ok, it was a Garcia tie, but otherwise I looked respectable.

Shocking, just shocking. I can not imagine you in a suit and tie. This I gotta see. Not sure where the pic will pop up on the post, but this pic of DaveT+baby by JonT is the BEST!
I may just have to draft you into the Z3 guys page with that pic and this post.

When I get into the cruiser, he starts getting on me again about how he doesn't understand that I can drive such an excellent "vehicle" and run out of gas. He never lets his Explorer get below a half tank. At this point, I'm nervous and begin to over-explain and start to say that I usually have a good idea how far I can drive but my calculations were off because I just got back from a trip and the roads were clear and I was running rather fast and then I remembered where I was and luckily I was able to change mid sentence to "...roads were clear once I got out of the city traffic."

It's easy to babble as a passenger in a police cruiser... not that I would know much about that... o;)

Long moment of silence and I started babbling about how nice it was to be able to find gas stations on a GPS. The officer takes his eyes off the road, looks at me and starts lecturing on how dangerous it is to use a GPS while driving and then demonstrates how your car can drift to the side while you're distracted and then you jerk back on the roadway once your wheels hit the shoulder. I don't know if he was having fun, trying to scare me or just communicating in an extreme manner. Longest 3 miles in my life.

See, again I am having trouble picturing this. You are such a quiet fellow....
That part about him scaring you is a riot! Although, I do see his point. I wonder how you can see the GPS while you are driving. I think- correct me if I am wrong- that you are only looking in the moments where you slow down- because that is when you need to look?

At the gas station I called a nearby friend for a ride back to the car. The 15 minute wait was filled with visions of canvas being slashed and my new tags (ZS 2DAY) getting swiped. Luckily everything was ok. She forgave me and started and ran like nothing happened. I promised her it wouldn't happen again

Nice to know she started right up after running out. Running out must have been scary too. Ja, next time you see orange light- stop.

Should be a nice weekend for a drive.... heh heh heh Give that car some roads! Winter is coming....

Thanks for a great story!

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