Steve R writes:

You already have my garage pic up, so here's a couple others for the "guy's" page. My MZ3 is a '98, box stock, Boston Green (love that color, and so does everyone who sees it, and I'm glad it's discontinued 'cos there aren't many M's out there that color) /black/black, except for being Sharked.
Now ya know I am partial to Boston Green... ;)
I have less than 8K miles on it.
Hey, no shame here!

This is the legendary "exhaust pipe" picture (they're uneven!)

The M in my driveway, with blooming cherry tree etc.

Same as previous, except landscape.
Sue me, I never get tired of gorgeous pics of Boston Green. And against those pink cherry blossoms.... Who can resist?

The "fleet". '89 535i 5-sp (rare!!!) 90K, pristine condition, Cirrus blue/blue. '91 325iX 5-sp (rare!!!) 88K, pristine condition (would it be otherwise? 8-) Cosmos black/gray
Wow! The MZ3 never has to be lonely!

This is what Stevo does in his spare time. Made from scratch, natch.
Jeeeez! All t his and the guy can cook!
I've had BMWs since my '86 535i (a magnificent beast black/black, but had one of the worst A/Cs in all the civilized world) That went as a trade on the '89 which is such a wonderful car that I couldn't bear to part with it. I'm a BMWCCA member, s/n 79625 -- oldie but goodie -- but don't participate in Club activities.
Thanks for being such a Z3 sparkplug!
You too Steve! Thanks for the pics!
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