David Miles writes from England:

David, known as DavidM on the message boards, is the very proud owner of this 2.0 Litre Year 2000 z3 Roadster, bought in May 2000, it was clear from the outset that he didn't want to leave it stock and wished to make a statement with it. With the addition of chrome interior trim, polished rollhoops, a host of additions from AC Schnitzer and extra leather from Jon Maddux at LeatherZ, it comes as no surprise that David is now known as the "King Of Chrome" in the UK! Having realised some of the shortcomings of the z3 chassis, it was an easy decision to fit a strut brace, but for David there was only one choice ... the chromed brace from Paul at Strong Strut!
Often to be found at the UK events, David is happy organising and leading the cruises in the South East Region of the UK, often in collaboration with Tim Cullis the webmaster of the UK Message Boards.
David sums up his love of the z3 lifestyle in one statement:
"There is no feeling like the wind in your hair, sun shining on top of you when cruising with a group of other z3 drivers through the country lanes at speed."

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